ID Logistics Expands Operations in South Africa

ID Logistics has a fully operational national operational footprint


20 August 2015 – Johannesburg – Following the successful joint venture with Danone Southern Africa, ID Logistics Fresh SA (Pty) Ltd, part of the global contract logistics company, has announced its expansion to include 3PL services to other clients in the region.

The company established its presence in South Africa in 2012, with the aim of implementing a new chilled and ambient distribution network in South Africa to optimise Danone Southern Africa’s supply chain. Today, ID Logistics has a fully operational national operational footprint including regional distribution centres and an extensive secondary distribution network, together with managing the factory warehouse in Boksburg.

Etienne Juillard, Managing Director at ID Logistics South Africa, comments, “We have recently completed the roll out of our fresh product distribution solution through the opening of our four regional warehouses from April to June 2015.

“We have a local project team and specialists with skills to manage and develop fresh distribution, and coupled with our global expertise, we are able to offer end-to-end logistics services for warehousing, primary transportation and secondary distribution. We have the capacity to deliver business solutions to retailers, fast moving consumer goods, fashion, high-tech, and cosmetics and fragrance companies.”

ID LogisticsID Logistics manages warehouses with a total capacity of 50 000 sqm in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Boksburg and Durban. In the primary transportation and secondary operations, the company partners with reputable hauliers in deploying the optimised fleet contingent to address secondary distribution operations. The entire fleet is equipped with a tracking system and an alert system to provide real-time information to its transportation control tower.

The company currently employs a total of 575 staff in its operations across the country, and with its commitment to job creation and the economic growth of the country, this number will continue to grow.


About ID Logistics

ID Logistics South Africa is part of global French based group, a contract logistics company that supports customers’ strategies through all supply chain functions, related to innovation and optimisation. The company offers end-to-end logistics services, such as warehousing, primary transportation and secondary distribution for fresh/chilled and ambient goods. Its core activities include picking, inventory management and operational flow optimisation.

Established in 2001, the group has an extensive track record in contract logistics, with operations across 14 countries in 203 locations globally. ID Logistics boast 3.78 million square metres of warehouses across the globe, employs 13 400 employees, and has a turnover of 875-million Euros (end 2014).

ID Logistics SA was established to manage Danone Southern Africa’s primary warehouse at its factory in Boksburg, which supplies regional distribution centres and cross dock delivery facilities. These distribution centres facilitate secondary distribution to store. To date, ID Logistics manages five of these warehouses, and has its own facilities in Gauteng and KZN. With the backing of its international counterparts, ID Logistics SA has best-of-breed practices and processes across the retail, FMCG, cosmetics & fragrance, high-tech, and fashion industries.

ID Logistics’ resources include an IT team to customise systems, as well as a team of transport and warehouse  engineers, project managers, continuous improvement team and sizeable support structure from the global company. As a global business, ID Logistics has the infrastructure, technical skills and depth of resource to take new solutions to market quickly and easily.

ID Logistics clients include global multinationals and local companies, such as Danone, Beiesdorf, Elizabeth Arden, Guerlain, Nespresso, Le Coque Sportif, Dunhill, Lindt and P&G.



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